Monday, November 3, 2008

Kuching International Airport

Kuching International Airport is Sarawak's main international airport and is situated 11Km south of the city of Kuching. It is the third largest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport

The arrival concourse (ground Floor) is spacious. Convenience store, mini post office, MacDonalds and a restaurant can be found here.

Taxi coupon and car rental booth is also situated on the arrival hall. The fare from the airport to the city centre is RM 17.50

This is the driving lane at the Departure level. Notice the resemblance of the structure to those in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Check in counter at the Departure Level (level 2)

There are more shops on the Departure level compare to the Arrival level. There are a few souvenir shops, chocolate shops, Starbuck and KFC on this level.

There is an small aquarium on this level which contains reefs and fishes

This is the departure hall. It has a total of 9 boarding gates with aerobridge facilities. There is another gate, Gate R (no aerobridge facility) for Air Asia passenger and smaller aircraft operated by Mas Wings.

As a traveler, I might find this airport boring as there is not much can be done here. There is not much shopping to be done also compare to KLIA, Kota Kinabalu and Penang International airport.


the spool artist said...

wow, this is a pretty neat airport! would love to visit kuching soon!

Asian Traveler said...

The airport looks nice, very modern and convenient. Thank you for the information and the beautiful photos.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look about Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taipei, Taiwan. Hope you like it and have a great day! :)

Akhyari said...

masyaa allah. so pretty. regards from Indonesia

j|g said...

wow, i miss Kuching. i once stranded and stucked at starbucks for 4 hours doing nothing but blogging. LOL!

Joops said...

Hey there! I like the way you capture those photos, very lively... The airport look very modern..

BTW, i have a reward for you at my house, please come and grab it..

Nanaybelen said...

very nice airport.Looks new. very neat

the donG said...

you know what?! at first look i thought it's the philippines' terminal 3 airport. it looks very much like it.

i can see that the airport has enough space and also beautiful!

salingPUSA said...

the airport looks neat and clean...odd though, there are some portions of it which looks like the terminal 3 of NAIA in Manila, especially the area where you have to wait for boarding the plane....

Johnny Ong said...

compared to those days i touched down at kuching airport, it has improved a lot d

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

you really cool.. travel so many place haha..

Ar-wee-der-yet said...

I love the airport based from the pictures. In some ways it looks like KLIA and the facade looks like the Terminal 3 here in Manila :) Happy travels to you! said...

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