Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dining at Sentosa Island

There are many eating places around Sentosa Island but we had a hard time finding a place that suit our taste buds (and our budget!).

We end up with a restaurant nearby the Butterfly Park at Imbiah. The customer service here is bad. Our drink order never arrived and we were told to get it ourselves from their refrigerator.

I had fish and chips (SGD11.90). The fish don't even look tasty.

My wife having beef bolognese (SGD 11.80). Satisfactory

A bottle of Snapple (SGD4)

Well, in a nutshell, it is quite difficult to find a decent meal at a decent price here on the island. There used to be a Burger King around here but I reckon it had been demolished.


Travel Accessories said...

the bolognese seemed so yummy...

Johnny Ong said...

eating at such outlet is always "take it or leave it" situation as u don't have much choices anyway

Gallivanter said...

For the price, the bolognese sounds expensive.

TNH said...

the food look normal..but the price is abnormal for Malaysian..haha

chrisau said...

the prices not cheap for sg standard too! Anyway, this is a resort...can't help it. Didn't know burger king is no longer there...i used to have it everytime i go there last time.

Asian Traveler said...

From the pictures, I thought the fish and chips looks more appetizing than beef bolognese.

Most often poor service can simply ruin the entire dining experience.

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eunice said...

How's the butterfly farm? I don't like to visit butterfly farm cos I scare of butterflies flying around hahaha!! But I visited one at Bird park (I think). We saw a butterfly got stuck to the wet floor and the other butterfly (maybe the mate)trying to rescue it. Then one of us swept the "victim" with the foot and fortunately, it could fly again, happily with the mate.

I thought the fish and chips is good but so costly?! I won't bother to spend so much on food in Sentosa, surely over priced cos it's a tourist trap. =P Also my friend did complain about the poor customer service at the ticketing counter for Songs of the Sea too! That's a bad image to our tourists.

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