Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kampung Dato

At the edge of Sibu town, along Jalan Kpg. Datu, there is a Malay settlement. One need not to go far to experience the Malay culture when in Sibu.

Most the traditional Malay houses can be seen along this approximately 2Km stretch of road

Some of the houses were built along the Igan River.

One can see the kids playing badminton or cycling on the road. There are a lot of bumpers along the roads. Probably to slow down the motorist and avoiding them to speed along this road.

There are also a few food stalls that sells burgers, kebab, drinks, kuih, snack and etc beside the road.

This place is best visited during the Hari Raya Celebration


Ketam said...

The road sign with Chinses word made the West Malaysian envy.

the spool artist said...

this is a great typical southeast asian neighborhood! communities like this are fast disappearing so it's great to see them captured here!

Xjion89 said...

A very peaceful place.
It is so harmony. {After seeing ur pics}

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