Friday, November 21, 2008

Dolphin Lagoon

The ticket to the Underwater World also include admission to the Dolphin Lagoon along Palawan Beach. The Red and Yellow line bus will bring visitor here.

The performing stars are the endangered Indo-Pacific Humpbacked, or pink dolphin.







The lucky visitor from Melbourne, Australia was the lucky pick among the crowds to play with the dolphin

It is advisable to arrive here earlier and on time as the show only only take place at 1.30pm, 3.30pm & 5,30pm everyday. Usually there is a huge crowd watching the performing act of the dolphins.


Indra Putu Achyar said...

I'm Sorry, one haS to add your link without permiSSion from you, please added my link in your blog....

Se3keR said...

Hey bro...nice bloggie u got here. How did you know so much of all these places to visit? You been to there too? Honestly, I think you've written really impressed!!

chrisau said...

it was a nice dolphin show but the seatings was not that good when I was here ages ago! Hopefully things improved. I was standing all along the show.
I guess this is one of the packages of the underwater.

Borneo Falcon said...

The seats were all taken when we arrived also. We also stand during the whole duration of the show. Best thing is to arrive early before the show is even started to secure a seat.

Asian Traveler said...

We crossed out on our lists the Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon since we've been to many shows like this. Oh what a fortunate gal she was to be picked from hundreds of spectators. I do hope you and your wife enjoyed the experience. :)

j|g said...

i'd been to one dolphin show in SG. but have completely forgotten abt it until i read ur post. :P

Kikey Loo said...

i like the performance..

TNH said...

i never watch a dolphin performance really seem great..

momeen said...

Great !
nice video of Dolphin show
Thanks for share it my friend

Johnny Ong said...

sg is small and its easy to visit many places at one go

Lifecruiser said...

Dolphins are one of my favorites - who doesn't like them with their big smile...? I'd have loved to see the show!

Thanks for all the other posts too, very interesting indeed - I've gone through them from the top and here now. I love to travel by blogs when I can't get there in person fast enough :-)

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