Monday, August 3, 2009

Swan Statues at Sibu

Swan had been selected few years ago as the official mascot/symbol for Sibu town. I have no idea why swan had been picked, after all the people here are not as graceful as the swan (pardon the pun)

The first swan statue ever erected here is probably the one in Sibu Town Square Phase 1. The swan statue here comes in pair and sit elegantly above the water fountain.

The second swan statue can be found at Rejang Esplanade, not far from Kingwood Hotel. When it was first shown to the public, most locals said it is an ugly swan. An elderly local once told me the feng shui of the swan is bad as the swan is facing the shore. For better feng shui, he claimed the swan should face out to the river.

I believe the claim holds some truth as Sibu town is facing the prospect of falling back in development and staring at higher cost of living soon with the construction of the controversial Lebaan bridge which had deter bigger ships to sail into Sibu port.

The third swan statue sits proudly along Kampung Nyabor Road, just next to Sibu Gateway. A Chinese Association built this one.


Josephine said...

wow... the swam statue look nice... it looked like the Eagle statue in Langkawi...

Superman said...

They said the Swans are put up for the good feng shui of Sibu in those strategic location. but I think the feng shui of Sibu is still so lousy...maybe they should consult Lilian Too. Haha.

Anonymous said...

That's really a lot of Swan there. Really curious to find out why! Anyway, it indeed gave Sibu a serene look!

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