Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Masland Methodist Church

Masland Methodist Church is easily the most elegant church in Sibu town. It is conveniently located at the town centre along Island Road

The church has just finished been refurbished and declared open on 16th August 2009 since renovation work started in December 2006. This mega project has been dubbed as "Hoover Project" which comprises the church, multi purpose building called the Hoover Mission House and an open space called Hoover Square.

I had never step my feet into the church since the renovation had been completed as it is mainly locked and only open for church service. It is said the interior was installed with a new audio visual system and can accommodate about 1,700 people.

This magnificent church will surely be another landmark for Sibu town. If I remember correctly, this will be probably the 4th renovation the church had undergone since 1905. I used to study at the primary school behind this church as well as attending this church until I was 15 years old.


chubskulit said...

what a well maintained church!

vicy said...

You're welcome Borneo..Visiting back again

Superman said...

The church is so so rich...Can't even see the Methodist Primary School now. Blocked by the big big church.

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

Wow!! didn't know that there is such a beautiful church there in Sibu! anyway, what is the main religion there in Sibu?

Bengbeng said...

it will be the landmark for Sibu now. the design is beautiful

the donG said...

i like the modern structure beside it. great landmark for sibu. i wonder how big the population of sibu is and its land area.

Borneo Falcon said...

Sibu population is around 200,000 and probably still dropping.

It's hard to pin point the main religion here as there are an equal share of Methodist, Roman Catholic, Buddha and Muslim here

Annie Q said...

Been reading your blog for sometime, this is my first time comment. :)

I find it it so nice to know someone from Sibu blog and keep me update how is my "hometown" been doing.

I just curious where this place was, once i scroll down, it is at Methodist primary school, i used to study there!! Bring back my memory.

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