Sunday, August 9, 2009

Military Exhibition @ Sibu Town Square

Beside showcasing the armoured vehicles at the military exhibition from 7-8th August, several booths had been set up to complement the event.

There was a booth that exhibits various artifacts seized from the communists during the insurgency in the 1970s such as uniform of communist, incendiary explosive devices and rifles.

A few models of mortar were also on display

I believe the most interesting booth is the one with the survival skill demonstration. The soldiers here are very friendly and are happy to answer all your inquiries.

Here are the various types of shelters which comes with all sort of design and shapes. The type of shelter built will depends on the terrains and whether the soldier will be staying for long or short term in a particular area.

The soldier also need to be resourceful in the wilderness and I'm impressed with the utensils they can come out with from mother nature.

I believe these are some of the bobby traps, probably to capture animals.

Dried frogs. This is probably another alternative food for the army in the harsh jungle

There is a cute bear cub here. One is allowed to hug him but watch out for his teeth. This cub had the tendency to bite the fingers.


Alexander said...

Talk about shotguns & bazookas, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

pusangkalye said...

I saw some small bahay kubo in the other picture---I think its a sight popular not just in the Philippines but in the entire Southeast Asia.....

Asian Traveler said...

What an interesting exhibition. I agree those utensils are unique, pretty innovative.