Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hoover Mission House

The Hoover Mission House is a L-shaped multi purpose buildings with 3 large halls for fellowship, administration offices and Sunday school classes. The building is part of the Hoover Project.

Interestingly, Hoover Mission House also has 10 professionally designed guest rooms at a very reasonable rate (RM60 for single occupancy and RM75 for double occupancy). The check in counter is located on the first floor from the side entrance.

Inside the Hoover Mission House, one can enjoy a clear view of Sibu town. Better view of the town can be achieved from the roof top balcony.

Another great feature of this building is the meeting room on the 2nd floor. Not only it is huge but it is like a museum with artifacts from around the world surrounding the room. I shall highlight this in details in my next post.

There are a lot of Sunday school classes (I lost count of them) inside this building. How I wish the classes were like this when I attend those classes when I was a kid.

The ceiling inside the Hoover Mission House.

Almost all the elevator concourse area at each floor have the inscription on the wall to praise the Lord. Too bad all the words are in Chinese characters.

Parking is always an issue for churches around this town but this problem could be a thing of the past for Masland Methodist Church as there is a huge and spacious parking area just below the massive Hoover Mission House


Superman said...

Nice coverage on the buildings! No need to visit it already after seeing your coverage. Good work.

the donG said...

i specifically like the wall with engraved designs.

Johnny Ong said...

this is really a big project indeed.

PUSANG-gala said...

it's cool to see those places and buildings in your country with names both in English alphabet and Chinese characters as it amazes me to read offices in my country with both Filipino and english translations.....

foongpc said...

The inscriptions on the wall are interesting : )

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