Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chiang Chuan Garden Been Hit Again

A pavilion at Chiang Chuan Garden, next to the Tua Pek Kong temple in Sibu was toppled over again after been hit by a container vessel while trying to berth at the adjacent Rejang Port Authority. The incident happened on 17th August 2009 around 0800.

I covered the first incident here, May last year. This is the second incident in the span of less than 18 months. No one was hurt in the both incident. Thank God to that!

Luckily this time around it is not this shed that was hit or else all the money which goes to rebuilt this structure will be flushed down the nearby Rejang River. This shed has been rebuilt due to the first incident.

This is the ship which knocked the pavilion. There are 101 reasons as to what cause the accident but it is just poor seamanship in my opinion. I heard the ship overshot its position (probably he should navigate it slowly rather than throttle the engine) while trying to alongside the port and hence try to reverse the vessel before hitting the pavilion. It was said that the reversing function was not working properly. Somehow there is no physical damage to the ship after the impact.

I think they should had not have constructed the garden in the first place due to its close proximity to the port. It really amaze me that they never think of the consequences before. Wonder what is the preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of such incident again in the future.


Johnny Ong said...

i agree with u on yr last para. who in the world would have thot that additional structures are being built which inconvenienced the ships which so happens to be near a port

Johnny said...

to prevent, i think nid to ask the authority put a sign 100m behind?

building in front... be careful~

chubskulit said...

oh my, you are correct though with the construction...

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