Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rajang Esplanade

The Esplanade, the first in the State was set up in 1986. It is located along Maju Road and strategically facing the mighty Rejang River.

This is the view of the esplanade from the Rejang River. It is quite difficult to see the esplanade clearly from the river as the view is mostly obscured by the express boats berthing at the nearby terminal. The Rejang River is the longest river in Malaysia, at more than 770km has been the major linking artery for Sibu and its surrounding towns.

There used to be a clock tower at the edge of the esplanade, just next to the express boat terminal. The Clock was sponsored by Orient in 1988. However, the clock is no longer functional and was "camouflaged" with a swan poster.

This is what appear to be a mini Chinese Garden within the esplanade. I remember there used to be water stream flowing through the water channel here when I was a kid.

There is also a spacious area and a mini grand stand for hosting a small event. I believe originally there used to be a water fountain along this stretch before been renovated to this open space.

A children's playground had been set up by the Hii's Association in conjunction with the World's Hii convention in 2002. There is a water fountain just behind the stone monument.

There are a few structures here that resembles a mast of a ship with its navigation lights attached to it.

The esplanade is a perfect place for an evening stroll while enjoying the river breeze and activities along the river. It is also a favourite place for the anglers to catch some fishes from the river.


Josephine said...

donno y the chinese garden gave me a 'mini' feel...
Everything look small...

amycheah said...

Hmmm...i like the place. Truly, a good place to hv a evening stroll.

Superman said...

The place is not properly maintain. I guess SMC is sleepy again.

foongpc said...

Nice place for a stroll : )