Thursday, August 6, 2009

Haze again

The annual haze is back again. I hate the haze. It affects everyone's health and I have no idea how long I can stand this heavily polluted air every year. The air is not pleasant to breathe in either, as it smells like smoke.

These photos were taken yesterday morning along Brooke Drive and the API could well be easily 100++. This is categorized as unhealthy level and I do not dare to go for any physical activities. I believe the haze is also responsible to trap the heat and causing the weather to be bloody hot.

Well, the worse haze I ever experience was in 1997 where the API was well off the chart at 800++. Anyone still had such memory?


eugene said...

Here in Penang same same,,not that bad as compared over your place,,,

i think we have to be very careful now,, with HINI coming like mad,it will be worst compounded by bad air quality

Willie said...

Yup. I still remember 1997.

Superman said...

I bet almost all will remember that if old enough. Even got holiday that time. School and many places are closed.

Benedict said...

Wow, even Sibu also not spared the haze! I'm in Penang since monday and just come back from Penang yesterday. The haze there is quiet bad in Penang during the period too. Again same old culprits ... slash & burn of farmland and wind directions

WanWan said...

yeah.. KL worst... plus H1N1.. i'm wearing MASK everyday.... but ppl look at me like ALIEN.. hehehe

M-Knight said...

yeah... 1997 is the worst haze effect only could see feel feet away feel like in the spiral zone.

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