Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sibu Methodist Chinese Kindergarten

Methodist Chinese Kindergarten, which is hidden just behind the Masland Methodist Church is the kindergarten I attended when my family moved to Sibu in 1985

The kindergarten is also known as Mary Hoover Memorial Kindergarten as a homage to the wife of the famous Rev. James Hoover. From the engraving on the wall, it was is established in 1968.

I have not visited this place since 1991 when I left the primary school, which is located next to this kindergarten. This is the main entrance to the kindergarten where this is also the venue to take class photo back then.

I have a vague memory of my time here but the classrooms here definitely had been upgraded. Somehow they are more colourful and comfortable compare to my time here.

One of the corridor in the kindergarten. I have no idea how many classrooms they have here but this is not a big kindergarten.

A work of art from a student here

There is an indoor playground within the kindergarten area. I don't recall there was such playground back in my time. The kids here will definitely enjoy themselves studying here.


Dora said...

Sure u have some fond memories at this kindy! I never go back to the kindy I studied when I was small...think like going back & see how's the changes after reading ur post.

wenn said...

hi, memories hardly fade..