Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarikei Town

Sarikei is a small town about 78km from Sibu. It's a town where I stayed for 1 year when I was about 5 years old and I never get to explore the town properly until my recent visit here.

The pineapple statue, next to the express boat wharf, pays tribute to the town's most famous product. Sarikei's pineapple is regarded as the sweetest in the Sarawak state and some say Malaysia.

Adjacent to the pineapple statue is another landmark for the town, the clock tower. Unfortunately, the clock no longer functioning.

A small playground is also located next to the pineapple statue.

River seems to be the lifeline for this town. The town is surrounded by Rejang River, Sarikei River and Nyelong River.

Most of the river activities can be seen at its jetty, The Terminal 1 jetty. One can take a speedboat from here to reach Tanjung Manis.

Most of the old shop houses can be located at Jalan Wharf

The town's port is operated by Rejang Port Authority at Jalan Wharf. The port is still operational although it is no longer busy as less cargo ships call here nowadays.

The bus station is located at Jalan Wharf. Mostly operated by Bus Borneo which offer shuttle service to Sibu

Jalan Repok, the main road of the town

Sungai Rejang Market at Jalan Wharf is the wet market of the town for the folks to source for fresh vegetables and meat

A number of supermarkets, hotels and inns are located at Jalan Masjid Lama and Jalan Haji Karim. I was amazed by the number of supermarkets (Everwin, Nam Leong, Ngiu Kee, Everrise) available here for such a small town.

Chicken King Restaurant caught my attention but unfortunately I don't have the appetite to dine there as I just took my breakfast.

Sarikei Civic Centre. There is another pineapple statue inside the compound. The pineapple statue here is slightly split apart

Nyelong Hawker Centre and Lucky Restaurant

Tamu Nyelong is another place to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits

Wisma Jubli Mutiara

The lamp post around the town with hibiscus decoration

View of Sarikei town from across the Nyelong River


WanWan said...

so many pineapple? really that sweet?? got chance really want to taste it.. I like pineapple...

Superman said...

The pineapple split into half is new to me. didn't see it before. nice covering on most part of Sarikei.

Asian Traveler said...

Sarikei looks like a small and quiet town. But I like the markets and local hawker center though.

JL said...

Nice information on Sarikei. Have to compare Sarikei pineapple with the ones from Pekan Nanas in Johor, keke.

Josephine said...

It looks a bit like Ipoh town

amycheah said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Benedict said...

The town look pretty clean and neat, even the back alley also look orderly... very good info on Sarikei ;)

Bengbeng said...

wanwan, the pineapples r sweet n have a nice aeoma

eunice said...

peaceful town yeah? do u visit West Malaysia often?

I am going to the SG Night Safari tonight with my USA relatives. I guess they feel better at night due to jet lag, especially the kids!

the donG said...

i like places with big wide roads. this definitely i like! the pineapple is cool!

chrisau said...

I can see that it's a nice and peaceful town. Great to come here to unwind. Thanks for sharing.

foongpc said...

Didn't know Sarikei is famous for its pineapples! Btw, I love pineapples - one of my top favourite Malaysian fruits beaten only by durians! But, of course have not tried the tarap fruit yet! No tarap in Sarawak?

ijoi said...

Sarawak dalam kenangan...

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