Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bintangor Town

One should be able to come across this red arch bridge while about to reach the town of Bintangor from either Sibu or Sarikei. Bintagor is about 45km from Sibu and about 20 minutes drive from Sarikei .

The best place to start exploring Bintangor is by foot from its well known landmark, the Bintagor Orange which is located at its small waterfront.

The orange is the official symbol for this town due to its well known green orange.

Nearby the orange landmark structure is a jetty which probably connect the nearby longhouses

I reckon this is Rejang River.

The jetty is a bustling point with plenty of food and drink stalls available here

The abandoned Rejang Port Authority. I think this used to be the official port for the town. The nearest port that serve this town now should be in Sarikei or Sibu.

This is the main road of the town. The town is pretty small and one should able to navigate without getting lost. I'm impressed with the neat layout of the town, unlike the messy road system in bigger towns and cities.

The public toilet here also surprisingly clean. The cleanliness even outperform the one in my hometown

This is the hawker centre (Pusat Penjaja Bintangor) of the town. It houses several food and drinks stalls. It also serves as a wet market. A few shops inside this building also selling clothes.

This clock tower could be another recognizable landmark of the town. It's a shame the clock no longer function anymore . The pedestrian path in way of the clock seems like a good place to unwind for the local folks here


Asian Traveler said...

Interesting town and the side streets looks really clean. I'm curious about the green oranges.

Superman said...

Nice intro on Bintagor. Did you buy any 'bau' from Bintagor. It is very cheap.

JL said...

Interesting. I'm curious about the green orange too. :)

amycheah said...

hey Borneo, I curious abt the green orange. Is it mean in this area, there is a lot green orange plantation?

foongpc said...

Haha! This town has the green orange landmark at the roundabout and KK has the sword fish landmark also at the roundabout! : )

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The Bintagor Orange looks funny :X

jam said...

You should try the famous Bintangor rojak!

Borneo Falcon said...

Bintangor Rojak and oranges will come up soon in the next post.

Green oranges are widely available from the road side sellers nearby here, which suggest a huge green orange plantation

sabahking said...

I hear my friend say that bintagor is a small town and look very lousy !! but after u explain it is seem like not so bad !!

Dosz said...

interesting one. i got a friend living there and maybe im going to bintangor when im going to sibu this hols :)

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