Monday, May 25, 2009

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sibu

Scared Heart Cathedral is located along Lanang Road and can be accessible via Bukit Assek Road or Lanang Road.

Sacred Heart Cathedral was built in 1985. Initially it was a church before elevated to the rank of cathedral with arrival of the first Bishop

There is a glass enclosure of Mary Mother statue at a corner of the cathedral compound

There a few word of wisdom at the base of the enclosure

The main arch entrance of the cathedral from Lanang Road

There are a few more interesting statues in way of the main entrance of the Cathedral, namely Mary and Jesus.

St. Joseph and baby Jesus

Our protector, The Archangel St. Michael

View of from the Cathedral's stairway

The dress code when attending a Holy Mass

The interior of the Cathedral. It is not air conditioned and can be hot during a hot day.

There is a giant statue of Jesus next to the Cathedral

Some of the history of this church/cathedral is told by the stone carving at the base of the giant statue of Jesus


Asian Traveler said...

I'm guessing this a Catholic church. Am I right? The structure is unique especially the umbrella-like rooftop.

jam said...

Nice description on the church! Asian Traveler, it is a Catholic church.

Superman said...

my cousin had his wedding there two years ago. nice and old church.

Josephine said...

i like the interior...

Borneo Falcon said...

Indeed it is a Catholic Church. By the way, this is my first post about church

Anonymous said...

That's a nice Catholic church!! Anyway, guess they should install air-cond to the main hall to make the mass more comfy.

JL said...

This cathedral has very lovely statues, not bad. :)

escape said...

this cathedral looks similar to one church that ive seen but i didnt feature it in my blog yet.

it looks a little modern. are you a catholic?

foongpc said...

The roof looks like a mosque! Wow, got dress code some more?