Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sarawak Cub Prix Sibu Series 2009 Circuit Analysis

Sibu will be hosting Sarawak Cub Prix from 2-3rd May 2009. The circuit will encompass a portion of the parking spaces at Sibu Town Square Phase 1, Bulatan Pulau, Jalan Bujang Suntong and Jalan Pulau.

This is the layout of the circuit. A complete lap of this make shift circuit should be less than 1km. It has 5 turns, 2 straight lines and a few quick corners.

The starting point is at Jalan Pulau. From the starting grid markings, 18 motorcycles will be competing.

After the flagged off, there is an opportunity for overtaking due to decent length of straight line from the starting point.

Then come Turn 1 (let's call it Hairpin, due to its resemblance and the riders need to make a 180 degree turn).

After Turn 1, it is a long straight line (along Jalan Pulau) for the riders to speed off and overtaking.

Jalan Pulau has a few potholes and hence the organizer cover the potholes with cement. The drain covers along the straight line are also marked with sand bags to avoid riders to run over them.

At the end of the staright line is Turn 2 (let's call it Bulatan Turn). It's a 90 dergee fast corner and another good opportunity for overtaking for the daring rider.

Just after Turn 2, is Turn 3 (Let's call it Town Square Turn). It is another 90 degree fast corner which will lead the riders into Sibu Town Square Phase 1.

After Turn 3, it is basically a series of curves. The curves are not sharp and riders should able to travel with high speed along this area.

After a series of curves, comes Turn 4 (let's call this Sai Kong Turn since it is one of the main sponsor)

Shortly after Turn 4 is the final corner (maybe can just call it Pulau Turn) which will lead back to Start/Stop line at Jalan Pulau

The sponsors banners are all over the circuit, especially between Turn 3 and 4.

Overall, the circuit is pretty easy to navigate will tons of overtaking opportunities. It's quite a shame there are hardly any twisty and challenging corners to test the riders' skill. Let's hope it will be an exciting race (wet race perhaps) and accident free.


JL said...

Interesting, wish I was there to see it.

Johnny Ong said...

what a terrible manhole that has been constructed

foongpc said...

This is interesting, but even more interesting is you took the effort to take photos of the every part of the circuit! : )

Superman said...

All last minute repair. Cement on the tar road? Really feel ashame...