Monday, May 4, 2009

Fischer Magnetic Pro Number One 83

Fischer is a brand usually associated with ski equipment and tennis racquet (I remember Michael Stich, the former Wimbledon champion use Fischer racquet). However, recently my friend bought a Fischer badminton racquet and I was really surprise to see Fischer actually manufacture a badminton racquet.

My friend bought the Fischer Magnetic Pro Number One 83 for about RM250. This model is regarded as one of the best racquet produced by Fischer

The overall appearance of the Fischer Magnetic Pro Number One 83 sure is elegant. The frame are all chromed and this alone give the racquet a pleasant look.

The racquet is extremely light at 83g. Probably one of the most lightest racquet I ever held. The frame can withstand a maximum string stress of 28lbs. The racquet has high flex frame (which means the shaft is flexible) according to its specification which can be found at the shaft.

The key feature of Fischer Magnetic Pro Number One 83 is the magnetic speed technology with the repelling power of aligned magnets, which mean more speed and power for all players.

It's time to put the racquet to test. I tried a few times and found I can direct my shots accurately and able to control the shuttlecock as required. However, the racquet fail to amplify my smash. Hence, the players need to use full wrist strength to execute a powerful smash.

It's quite obvious from my test that the racquet will suit a more defensive and control player rather than an attacking player. On international level, I have not seen any player using Fischer racquet.

In a nutshell, Fischer from Austria still produce a decent racquet. There is still a lot of room of improvement for their existing badminton racquet.


Superman said...

long time never play badminton. no time for it.

amycheah said...

Adoi, I dah berkurun-kurun lama tak main badminton.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Magnetic? Hmm... I think I would like to have that. :)

the donG said...

with really good footwork and flexible hands... you'll really have a good chance to achieve in this sport.

foongpc said...

Me too, long time didn't play badminton! Good review on the Fischer badminton racquet. I didn't even know they manufacture badminton racquets! So I guess it's not a brand of choice for badminton players.

JL said...

I always thought Yonnex was the only brand for badminton racquets, thanks for informing. :)

acura said...

I have never heard of this brand of badminton racquets before & will certainly be very hesitant to pay so much to buy from an unknown brand. I think Yonex is still the market leader. But good info & review though :)

chrisau said...

first time i heard abt this brand..thanks for the eye opener. Currently I owned an old Victor 'Columbia' (bought in 1992) and newly bought Yonex Armotec 700

Borneo Falcon said...

I never use Yonex racquet before. For the past few years, I been using Carlton and RSL racquet.

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