Friday, May 22, 2009

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade is another esplanade the town has to offer. Facing the Nyelong river it is easily a walking distance from the centre of the small town.

Just like the Merdeka Park, Zen balls can be found scattered across the Nyelong Esplanade

There is a small playground for the kids to play

The esplanade is surprisingly clean and well maintain. Another perfect place for an evening stroll

I notice a tree with its "fruits". I have no idea what type of tree is this

Nyelong River. There used to be a ferry beside this esplanade to ferry vehicles across this river which connect this town to Bintangor. The ferry seize its operation after the completion of the Nyelong Bridge, further up from here.


JL said...

Great place, many potential photo moments I'd say :)

Johnny Ong said...

now that's a river .... comparing to the klang river that's flowing thru kl city

Superman said...

Not bad. very colourful decors they have there. better than Sibu Esplanade which is so rundown.

foongpc said...

Very clean and nice. I like those zen balls! Cute! : )