Monday, November 16, 2009

Steamboat @ Yi Siang Corner

One of the place I frequent most if I crave for steamboat in Sibu is Yi Siang Corner at Merdeka Lane 15.

This outlet has been around for a long time. Nothing fancy here. It's an open air concept. Besides its famous steamboat here, they also serve some respectable kueh tiaw and other decent Chinese food.

Wheat grass with sweetened condensed milk (RM 2). This is probably one of the best wheat grass drink I had in town.

The condiments for the steamboat. Some said it is the chili sauce that made the steamboat here taste good.

The "tools" for the steamboat set. Notice there are 2 type of scoops given here.

For me, the broth of the steamboat is the most important factor that will determine the overall dining experience. The broth here used to be very good few years back but the quality kind of dropped, probably due to the rising cost of their "secret" ingredients.

Here are the main dishes that will be thrown into the wok. There are vegetables, Chinese cabbage, eggs, prawn, cuttle fish, crab meat, chicken meat, fish, tofu, fish ball and rice vermicelli.

Some people will have a systematic method of dumping those dishes into the wok to get the most aroma out of it. Well, I usually dumped the prawn, cuttlefish, chicken meat, fish and Chinese Cabbage in first.

Cover the lid and I don't have to wait that long before the food were cooked. It only cost RM20 for 2 person


SJB said...

wheat grass? how easy it? sweet? or taste just like grass?,. Anyway, RM 20 per person?, that cheap.

wenn said... and looks good..

Superman said...

The place is old time favourite! I like the kuey teow!

Borneo Falcon said...

SJB: The wheat grass is actually sweet.

Anonymous said...

RM10 per head is consider alright for steamboat. its eat all you can? i don't fancy steamboat that much but don't mine shabu shabu once in a while;)

chrisau said...

RM10 per pax is cheap!! Here in JB it's RM16 per person. Yeap, the broth and the chilli makes good steamboat...with factors like a cool weather.

foongpc said...

Wheat grass with condensed milk? Have never drank such a combination! So it's really sweet?

RM20 for 2 person? Wow! That's dirt cheap!

I think the chili plays a crucial role in determining whether the whole steamboat meal is good or not!

Borneo Falcon said...

jg: It's nor eat all you can. They have portion for 2 person

foongpc: Too much condensed milk is also not good. It will make it too sweet

Johnny Ong said...

wow, rm20 is cheap

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