Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Japanese Garden @ D.R. Park

There is a section within the D.R. Park which is dedicated as a Japanese Garden. The garden was created through the 1980s for the small community of Japanese expatriates who had since called Ipoh their home.

The history of the relationship between the city of Ipoh and the Japanese dated way back. The Japanese has pumped in billions of ringgit into Perak as a form of investment, mostly in the manufacturing industry.

The key design of the garden is to emphasize on Japanese ideas of space and harmony.

The lake occupied a large area of the Japanese Garden

Some of familiar features of the garden include koi pond, Japanese style bridge, bamboo fences, fern, lotus, water lily plants and bonsai trees.


Superman said...

The Koi fishes are nice but the water is too muddy. The Koi size is big.

SJB said...

Beautiful.... Wah love the big koi fish.

foongpc said...

Nice Japanese garden!

David Jr said...

Nice park there,by the way, what does D.R mean?

Malaysia Asia

wenn said...

wah..lovely fishes..

Borneo Falcon said...

Good question David! I have no idea what the D.R. means. The locals should know better than me. I just reckon they are the initials for the lawyer who the park got its name

reanaclaire said...

wah..u really almost everywhere ah.. and snapping pics.. i also nv snapped DR park before.. hahaha..

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