Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Landscape Garden, Ipoh

While walking around Ipoh New Town on a beautiful morning, I accidentally came across a garden along Jalan Raja Muda Aziz.

There is no official name for this garden but I called it Landscape Garden due to the fact that this garden was built by the National Landscape Department and Ipoh City Council in May 2008.

The most imposing feature in this garden got to be the red clock tower which is located at the centre of the park. It is such a shame that the clock tower is not functional since it was erected in just less than 2 years only.

There are these bells hanging above the clock tower. I think it will chime when there is wind.

Spacious open space within the garden. There are also hawker stalls (which I reckon only open at night) behind this garden.

Children playground at the edge of the garden.


Henry LeE ® said...

It's a simple but nice garden, love the landscape and the walls with holes... creative oh

wenn said...

very neat garden..

Superman said...

Ipoh also have a lot of gardens like Sibu ah? :)

chrisau said...

Never been to this garden but looks familiar to me. It could be the former garden I used to play during my childhood.

Gallivanter said...

I wonder if they spent 4 billion on it. ;-)

SJB said...

Love the bell tower.

reanaclaire said...

oh gosh..is that the children's playground behind my house last time.. hahhaa..u must be thinking i m crazy asking u this question..

chrisau might know better..we practically grew up there.. but how come so changed.. i have never been to that playground since the "M" took over.. last time it was all grass...not like this.. disappointing though..

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