Thursday, March 26, 2009

Transformers Armada: Hot Shot

Transformers Armada (known as micron legend in Japan) is shown on air around 2002-2004. The gimmick of this series are the power enhancing transformers called Mini-Cons

I had a few collection from the series. This is the box packaging from Takara of Hot Shot.

It comes with Hot Shot, Mini-Cons called Jolt and a missile

The alternate mode of Hot shot is a sport car. It basically pay homage to G1 Hot Rod.

Jolt is a Mini-Cons that transforms into a red helicopter. Jolt had a gun which he shares with Hot Shot

Jolt's gun can be attached to Hot Shot in his vehicle mode. Jolt is partnered with Hot Shot and is capable of flying Hot Shot in this mode.

Jolt can fold down his rear half as helicopter to become a propeller to enable Hot Shot to travel short distance in air, achieve higher speed on land and travel underwater.

There are 3 Mini-Cons port on Hot Shot Vehicle mode

Hot Shot can hold up to a maximum of 4 Mini-Cons at a time in vehicle mode

Hot shot in robot mode. Without Jolt, he has no weapon at all. His personality and appearance resemble that of a young racing driver. In the series, Hot Shot was entrusted as the guardian for the Star Saber

Optimus Prime sees potential in Hot Shot to be a leader (which is more prominent in the sequel, Transformers Energon). Hot Shot also took command of the Autobot (as the matrix of leadership was passed to him by Optimus) for a short period when Optimus Prime was destroyed.

Jolt is required to release a cannon over his head. Jolt will release the rear wheel shaft which converts to a cannon. Hot Shot head visor can be lowered so he can take an accurate shot at his enemy.

In robot mode, Hot Shot can hold up to 3 Mini-Cons at a time.

Hot Shot & Jolt

Here are the transformation manual of both Hot Shot and Jolt by Takara. I find the instruction manual from Takara is more comprehensive than those by Hasbro.

Lastly, Hot Shot bio data card by Takara. Hot Shot main advantage is his speed and courage. He lack of firepower and patience in his undertaking.


foongpc said...

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you are a single guy still in your late teens crazy over toys! : )

Anonymous said...

cool wei! i used to like transformers alot when i was young.. =)

Johnny Ong said...

where do u keep all yr toys ... u have not shown that spot b4 hehe

lifesignx said...

Whoa niceeeeeeeeeeeee! Keep'em coming man! Never get tired of toys even when we get older! Young at heart my friend! When are you getting into Gundam?

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amycheah said...

wow you really "keng", so many toys u kept. Thumbs up to u.

Josephine said...

are u willing to share the toys with ur kids in the future?

RiP666 said... is a great toys

Anonymous said...

where can I get them ? Cool, thinking of getting one for my nephew.

escape said...

so cool! i cant wait for the second part of the movie transformers. i remember my brother used to have some transformer toys. it was his generation.

Borneo Falcon said...

I got more toys to show. So, stay tuned.

I bought most of my Transformers toys in E-bay when I was still single starting from 2004. If one want to buy a Transformers toys, try a toy shop on the 1st floor at tHe Spring (Kuching) or at a store in Midvalley Megamall (KL) or Berjaya Times Square(KL). But none of those shop will have what I had in the Transformers Armada series.

All my toys will be inherited to my children when they are old enough to play with it without damaging it. All those toys will fetch a high price by the time I'm old.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. :D

Anonymous said...

It doesn't come cheap, right?

Borneo Falcon said...

I remember I bought this unit around RM80-90 (after conversion). It should cost more now, let alone rare

Anonymous said...

I like

Superman said...

You still love toys ah? I've met one hardcore Gundam toys lover in Miri. He like Gundam and not transformer. He got the almost the whole collection of Gundam toys. The room is full with Gundam from small to big size. He spent almost RM10K for the toys collection. Anyway, I like the transformer cartoon and movie.

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

You make me remember back my x-colleague who very like transformer. He even ask me to buy bumblebee when i visit Taiwan.