Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bicycle Pedal

Recently, my bicycle pedal had sheared and it had affected my cycling performance

The pedals were made of made of metal and plastic construction. The plastic parts had sheared after using it for about 1 year. Lesson learn here, always get a full alloy pedals when purchasing bicycle.

I been advised to get a full alloy pedal for better endurance. This is my new pedal, all alloy construction at the cost of RM28.

The red colour pedal is a bit odd for me in the first place as I not sure whether it blends well with my overall bicycle appearance.

My cycling experience definitely had improved with the new pedal. I can cycle comfortably and get more distance from my bicycle. Hope I will be able to cycle the distance to get some great photos around here to post in my blog.


escape said...

i too enjoy cycling. but just within our area.

Johnny Ong said...

will get myself a mountain bike once i have moved house ... do u recommend a mountain bike or wat?

Borneo Falcon said...

Mountain bike will be good. This type of bike able to negotiate most kind of terrains.