Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kite Flying at Sibu Town Square

On the 22nd March 2009 (last Sunday), Saberkas Unit Pa' Dris organized a kite flying event at Sibu Town Square Phase 2. The prospect was rather gloomy in the morning and afternoon as it was cloudy and raining. I even remember it was raining at 4.30pm. Lady Luck was smiling that day and the town was blessed with a clear sky just before 5pm

The event supposed to start at 5.30pm but at 5,15pm, most kites were already on the air

The event is also part of their rehearsal to prepare for the unit's 30th anniversary celebration.

Kites of all shapes and colours were seen at the Town Square

Member of public also showed up and fly their kites

This kite is what they called the stunt kite. It has some resemblance of a Stealth fighter. This kite can manoeuvre in any direction and can perform a figure of eight

The highlight should be the train kite. I believe some of these train kites had 200 kites attached in a single string

I heard a kite enthusiat plan to get his name into Malaysian Book of Record by flying the longest train kite, in the region of 300-500 kites

It such a beautiful sight to see so many kites in the air. If I remember correctly, there were at least 3 train kites that evening


RiP666 said... is great to be there

Tita Beng said...

Wow. that kite train is so impressive! Haven't seen one like it.

Xiao-Kia said...

really nice kite. I like to play stunt kite and recently I help to setup Penang Kite website for local government. You may go there take a look at ^^

Anonymous said...

wow..this is so interesting but i a bit scare of the kite string...because i heard can cut ppl's neck..everytime i see ppl flying kites i will move far away hehee..i so pengecut ya..

JL said...

Wah train kite, not easy to control it oh~~

Tim Parish said...

Incredible kite trains! Have just been to the Adelaide International kite festival where we saw a train of traditional Asian kites on the sand. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind on the day to see it rise into the air. Incidentally, there was a large contingent of Malaysian young people at the festival. Loud and relaxed they were :-)

(that link up there is to a page describing an earlier Festival - March 2007)

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