Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Liwah Hotel

Liwah Hotel is situated at Song Thian Geok Road in Kuching (next to MAS office). The hotel was once a cinema and was refurbished to a hotel.

In my recent visit to Kuching, I had to check into this hotel (my first time staying at this hotel) as most of the other hotels in Kuching were fully booked. I also had to make an unexpected stay at Kuching that day.

The hotel is strategically located at the city centre, with easy access to nearest attractions, water front, food stalls and shopping complexes. The hotel is rated as 2 star hotel.

The room here is cheap. I manage to get a room with king size bed for RM90. There are cheaper room (single bed, with no window view) at RM60

The lobby area is spacious with many facilities readily available here, such as money changer, travel brochure, newspaper and a section selling medicines. Taxis are easily available outside the hotel.

The hotel also sell Bintang Jaya bus express ticket to Pontianak, Indonesia

The room is quite spacious but old. The room appear to be clean

My room is facing the Song Thian Geok Road. The room don't have any sound proof property and I can hear the traffic noise outside as well as the phone ringing in my next room.

A closer look at the surrounding wall paint, carpet and ceiling. The hotel seriously need to be refurbished as it is pretty much run down.

Work desk also looks worn out and in great need for replacement.

The refrigerator handle is also broken

Surprisingly, for this hotel, there is a central control switch next to bed.

The toilet and shower room is spacious. I particularly like the hot water. Somehow, the desired temperature can be obtained rather quickly and easy.

The towel, soap and shampoo look cheap

This hotel is not my first choice should I come to Kuching in the future. The room rate and location is great but the downside are their interior condition and the noise while trying to get some rest.


PUSANG-gala said...

I noticed the chinese charaters in those towels---really a testament of strong Chinese influence in that part of your country~~~

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of the 70s or 80s hotels...

xsigns said...

Favour mission accomplished!

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Asian Traveler said...

What i don't like about old hotels is the musty smell. Did you smell something odd in your room?

JL said...

Hmmm...what you said about their interior is true also, though sometimes we might have to lower our expectations when staying in a low-cost hotel.

amycheah said...

hmm...can see fr the pics, it is an "old" hotel huh.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You're lucky it isn't haunted LOL

Borneo Falcon said...

The room do had some odd smell inside it.

The hotel might be haunted. Spot a bible in one of the drawer. But I think ghost is scare of me. I never had an encounter before in my many stays in hotels

Kikey Loo said...

another hotel review. cool~~ :)

Ketam said...

in my memory, this is a very old hotel! Opposite corner used to have the Odean Cinema and Capital.

Johnny Ong said...

single bed's room has no window? that must be a converted store room haha

Tita Beng said...

This hotel looks clean though! You had a bargain anyway, (Lol)!

foongpc said...

This hotel looks OK for that kind of price, but I dislike hotels which are not sound proof. How to rest with noise from next door and outside?

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