Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kenny Rogers Balinese Baked Fish

I had not dine at Kenny Rogers for years now and finally had a chance to do so in my recent visit to Boulevard Shopping Mall in Kuching. The interior of the restaurant here is comfortable and nice.

I was introduced the new menu the restaurant is offering now, the Balinese baked fish (RM19.90). It consists of fish fillet baked to perfection with Bumbu sauce. The combo Delight Meal (RM29.90) will include the fish and 1/4 roasted chicken, 3 side dishes and Kenny's home made muffins.

Drinks are not included in the combo meal. I opt for Mango Juice (RM5.90). The home made muffin comes in 3 flavours, vanilla, chocolate and banana. I chose the banana muffin and it tastes alright.

Here comes the main dish. For the side dishes, I had chose potato salad, pasta salad and fruit salad. Kenny Rogers side dishes never fail me. The roasted chicken is nice as usual. The fish fillet is satisfactory (I think the roasted chicken taste better than the fish).

Total cost, including service charge and government tax is RM41.15


Bram Adimas said...

looks nice, wish you a good meal ahead.

Josephine said...

not only chicken one meh?
now they also have fish ar?

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, they got fish menu now. Worth a try for healthier diet

soulesscloudy said...

got FISH?? here seems dont have de..

foongpc said...

I quite like Kenny Rogers food as they are quite filling. I'm a big eater btw. Haha!

Haven't tried this new balinese baked fish. May give it a try one of these days. But to spend over RM40 for a meal is too expensive for me - well, once in a while it's OK, I guess.

And most probably, I'll just forego the drinks. That would save me at least RM6 : )

Heinlein said...

I like the macaroni cheese in kenny rogers. I used to like the muffins too but now the quality went down alot - Cold and harden muffin served. Yucks!!

tulipspeaks said...

the healthy fast food.. :)


Bengbeng said...

i guess i would love food like that. it even makes me feel hungry looking at it but budgeting seems to be in the vogue nowadays. even benghui is teaching me about half price after 9 at Sugar Bun Sibu.

JL said...

Not bad, price tag is quite reasonable.