Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Old Courthouse Complex, Kuching

The courthouse is one of the most attractive buildings in Kuching and was built in 1874. It was the scene of many historic events and sittings of the state legislature, the Dewan Undangan Negeri was held here between 1878 and 1973.

The Clock Tower and the Charles Brooke Monument were constructed in the vicinity in 1883 and 1924 respectively

Charles Brooke Monument was probably constructed to pay homage to the 2nd white Rajah, Charles Brooke. Surrounding the monuments were warriors and leaders from different ethnic groups in the State such as Iban, Melanau, Chinese and Malay

The Clock Tower still stand elegantly at the entrance of the Court House. By the way, the clock is still working!

The design of the chourthouse complex is colonial and the spacious verandah, supported with strong pillars is ideal for the hot tropics.

This complex now is home to Sarawak Tourism Board. However, there is a small section of the complex which had been converted to Sabati's Women's Museum

A portion of the complex also coverted to a restaurant, Little Lebanon

There is a plaque at the main entrance to the court complex which gives historical background of each components of the buildings, The Clock Tower, The High Court and The Old Couthouse Complex

The complex is also an ideal place for wedding photo shoot. In fact, I short listed this place for my wedding photo shot last time.

Just behind the complex is the Textile Museum

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