Monday, March 23, 2009

My Class Photos

After looking at my old photos, I manage to assemble an almost complete chronology of my students photos, from kindergarten to my university graduation.

This is my kindergarten graduation in 1985 (Methodist Kindergarten). I was 6 years old.

This photo was taken during our last year at primary school in 1991 at Methodist Primary school. I was 12 years old. This was the first time we took a public exam, the UPSR

This was taken in secondary school, Form 1 (Class 1A2, 1992). I studied in Methodist Secondary school.

Form 3 photo (Class 3A2, 1994). This is also another year we had to sit for the public exam, the PMR.

Form 4 (Class 4S3, 1995). I remember this was a hard year for most of us as we were exposed to new subjects such as additional maths, physics, chemistry and biology. We were drilled pretty hard by our teachers back then

The final year at the secondary school (Class 5S3, 1996). This was where we parted with our classmates and friends after finishing our final public exam, the SPM. I kind of sad of the prospect of leaving my secondary school as the best moments and the best friends were found here.

After secondary school, I further my study at PRIME College Miri(now obsolete and taken over by SEGi College). I did my PAD course (equivalent to A-level) here. The graduation photo was taken in 1997.

After completing the PAD, I moved on to Prime College KL to study PCD (equivalent to 1st Year University). This are my coursemates. Photo taken in 1998.

My final journey as a student took me to University of Bristol and this is the group graduation photo (for the Department of Electrical and Electronics as well as the Department of Computer Science), taken at Merchant Venturers' Building in the summer of 2000. For the record, I'm the only one from Borneo Island in this photo :) I had a lot of fond memories here as well as making new good friends here. It is my wish to visit the university again somewhere in the near future.

I would like to pay my tribute here for all my teachers and lecturers for shaping what I'm today. For my lost friends, classmates and course mates who happen to come across my blog, do give me a shout (I practically lost in touch with most of them).

So, do you able to spot me in all of these photos?


the donG said...

it's great that you've kept them safe and well. i like to remember those times too.

Anonymous said...

wow...great u have all the photos! I've lost some of it over the passage of time.

jen laceda said...


PUSANG-gala said...

glad you have all of your old class pictures in tact---I lost some of mine and theres no way retrieving them----those pictures are definitely priceless as they remind us all that is beautiful about our school days~~

foongpc said...

Eh, where are you in all the photos?

Lawstude said...

these are sweet memories of school. i wish i have kept mine.

i cant spot you lol.

complicated girl said...

wow! u kept all ur class photos! hahahaha..very nice!

JL said...

I think you're the fourth from the left in the fourth row in the pic taken at the University of Bristol. (Nice pics xD)

Borneo Falcon said...

JL! You are right!

OK, here are the answer.
Kindergarden: 1st from left, 2nd row
6A: 6th from right, 3rd row
1A2 & 3A2: I'm class monitor. So seated next to the teacher at front row
4S3: 7th from left, last row
5S3: 7th from right, last row
PAD: 6th from left, 3rd row
PCD:3rd from right, last row

cibol said...

whoaa!! That's so retro dude!!!

eunice said...

YES! I can spot you! Same hairstyle till now? @_@ That shows you are not losing hair! Good good! hehe

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

nice photo.. sure bring back alot memory

foongpc said...

Very hard to check your photos lah cos got to click back to your post for each photo. Maybe you can make it easier for us by making your comments a pop-up window?

jam said...

Methodist since kindergarten? Wow!

Superman said...

The class photo was taken in Methodist Secondary School, right? I remember the tennis court. Hehe.

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, the photos were taken at the tennis court. It is no longer tennis court now. Been converted to parking space

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