Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlsberg New Bottle

Anyone notice the new bottle for Carlsberg? The company decided to give the packaging a brand new and fresh look a few months ago.

One obvious changes on the bottle is the engraving on the bottle main body. The brand is clearly shown here and I like this idea. This part used to be occupied by a sticker which gives details on the ingredient, alcohol content and etc.

Carlsberg originated from Copenhagen, Denmark. I visited the Carlsberg Museum in Copenhagen before and it is interesting to learn the history and how this beer is brewed.

Now, the sticker that contains all those essential information had been moved to the neck area of the bottle. Well, the beer is brew in Malaysia and still maintain the 5% alcohol content.

This small bottle (325ml) of Carlsberg cost RM6.50 in a local supermarket here. Carlsberg claimed its beer is probably the best beer in the world but the best beer in the world or should I said the best beer I ever tasted is in Czech Republic. Their local beer is simply divine.

Anyway, Carlsberg beer is still the best beer for me around this place as I don't get to see much choices around here (also a lot of imitation beer here). I prefer my beer from a bottle (rather than can) and serve chilled.


JL said...

I didn't notice the change, but will do so now. Yeah Carlsberg is still the best local brew, for now.

Hasegawa said...

I prefer Asahi beer and Heineken better but I'm not a regular drinker. Sweet stuff is better for me

amycheah said...

Oh the new design is really look nice. I didn't notice it at all.

Ju Ann said...

i didnt notice the change as well! but i like the new bottle :)

not a beer drinker - tt's why i didn't realise the change haha

WanWan said...

hahaha.... I notice this quite long already lo... but i'm not alchoholic okie.. hehehe

jam said...

Of all the beers, I still prefer tsingtao the most. It feels so smooth down your throat!

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