Saturday, June 12, 2010

ROTF: Optimus Prime

I recently acquired an Optimus Prime from the movie version and finally have a chance to get a closer look at it. According to his spec, Optimus in this movie is almost perfect except for its speed (7/10) and skill (9/10).

Optimus Prime as usual adopt truck mode as his alternate mode. The only thing amiss is the presence of a trailer. I suspect the trailer will make its appearance in the third installment where it can be converted into mobile defense/repair bay. The trailer will most probably able to combine with Optimus to become Optimus Prime Super Mode.

In truck mode, Optimus has a nice blazing fire flame paint all around its body which remind me of the G1 Rodimus Prime.

One thing the transformers movie lack of is the Autobots insignia. In this toy line, the insignia is only visible while in vehicle mode.

Optimus Prime movie version is the most difficult transformation I ever encountered to date. The instruction manual don't help a lot and I rely a lot on my instinct and experience during the last stage of the transformation. Having said that, once I got my way around it, the transformation is made simpler and swift the second time around.

The energon swords, which is Optimus Prime main weapon in the last two installments are more refine in this version of toy line. The colour and design resemble those in the movie.

To add more firepower, Optimus was equipped with a rifle. The earlier toy line version does not include this rifle. Basically, both the fuel tanks combine to form this powerful rifle.

This version comes with mouth piece for the Autobots leader. It would have been great if there is an adjustable mouth piece as in the Cybertron toy line.