Monday, April 20, 2009

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting is usually the effective method to remove rust (or tough stain/dirt) on ship's hull

Sand blasting equipment usually consist of a chamber where sand and air are mixed

The sand been dried before loaded to the chamber. The sand need to be dry when use in the sand blasting process

The mixture will travels through a hand held nozzle to direct the particles towards the intended surface.

The ship's hull surface will be exposed after the sand blasting process, revealing a near clean surface.

The exposed surface is to be coated immediately to prevent it to be exposed to air and water as it will cause the metal surface to corrode.

In an uncontrolled environment, sand blasting can cause air pollution and lung related disease. Inhaling the dust and flying material will cause lung injury in the long term


Kikey Loo said...

is that ur job?

Superman said...

The vessel is big. Where is the yard? Sibu?

Borneo Falcon said...

Well, it's part of the job alright but I don't work at shipyard.

Yes, the yard is at Sibu, Sapor Shipyard

foongpc said...

Oh, this is interesting. So this is part of your job? No wonder you know so much about it!

Btw, do drop by my blog and join in the Guess This Song contest : )

Benedict said...

Woow! The workers and their manager deserved an Immediate Stop Work Order and Serious Safety Violation Summon for not wearing safety harness, safety helmet and using lifting crane without man basket :O They literally throw out the safety rules! Pardon my reaction ya, I'm a safety nerd :P

amycheah said...

Interesting...but seems like kind of "heavy duty" work!

JL said...

No wonder they call shipyarding "heavy industry". It really seems to be the case.

Sand Blasting said...

Can imagine blasting the whole ship, must take weeks.

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