Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ang Pow Design Contest cum Exhibition

I came across the Ang Pow Design Contest cum Exhibition which was held at Sibu Sing Kwong Shopping Complex in Salim recently.

People taking part in the exhibition on red packets of various designs spent their time creatively in the artwork. Some of the design are pretty impressive.

On closer inspection, one will be amazed with the collection of these ang pows as some of these red packets are hard to come by (limited edition)

The event will end today (5th April) where the winner of the best design will be announced

At the concourse of the Sing Kwong shopping complex are a few tables selling away ang pow for those enthusiast collectors


Josephine said...

I am wondering why they organized this event only after CNY...

Borneo Falcon said...

I agree. The timing of this event could had been better

amycheah said...

Ya, me too feel the same way. Why jz held leh shd be during CNY more better huh! Anyway, I never see b4ang pow exhibition leh in penang.

foongpc said...

Do you know where to get those Chinese New Year lanterns made entirely from angpows?

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