Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Earth Day @ Sibu (April 2009)

Yesterday was the second time the Sibu Municipal Council organized the Love Earth Day. The first time was in December 2008 as posted by myself not long ago.

This time the venue for the Love Earth Day had been shifted to Sibu Town Square Phase 1, in way of the covered car park. I believe this is not an ideal location for such event as it was bloody hot yesterday. The best place in my opinion would be the Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre.

E-waste recycling was available here. Once again, I forgot to bring my defective modem and keyboard for recycling.

Here is how the booths been laid out. I must admit it was more organized compare to the first Love Earth Day some 4 months ago at Heng Hua Garden.

To cheer up the event, there was a performance from the Catholic High School band

A stall selling food in a biodegradable packaging. This is indeed a good move but I had yet to see this type of packaging been use by the food operators here.

This is the booth by Sibu Municipal Council, which was unmanned. Those recycling bins were originally located beside Wisma Sanyan but somehow been shifted here for the event. Guess they don't have any recycling bins around and had to resort to moving other bins to this location.

Also shown here are the location of the recycling centre around Sibu. It would be wiser to provide each household with segregated recycling bins (at a higher cost but a better recycling rate in the long run). I don't think the people will travel the whole way to the recycling centre from their home to recycle.

Some brochures available at the booth. Somehow, the garbage enzyme was once again emphasized here.

This is probably the best brochures I manage to get from the event. It is much more meaningful and educational

This is the standard recycling bins at the recycling centre.

Interior decoration made of rubbish or unwanted materials on display here

Here are my additional suggestions to complement my previous recommendations which I posted during the inaugural Love Earth Day at Sibu (December 2008).

- Introduce a sustainable materials for furniture, housing and office such as bamboo
- Introduce green energy technology
- Educate the public in using energy efficient power supply (80 Plus) for computer system
- Educate housing developers/architect to build green, energy efficient and sustainable houses and buildings
- Reducing the use of plastic bags in supermarket and encourage public to use recycled bags to do their grocery.
- Educate the public of the concepts of 5R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair & Refuse) rather than the obsolete 3R

I think the organizer should look at a bigger picture and try to create awareness at a wider spectrum in order to save our beloved planet.


Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

How great!!!1 I'm not sure if there were any arrangement around here, I haven't heard of any. It's a pity.

foongpc said...

Oh, it's nice that they organise a Love Earth Day! Your recommendations are great and have my full support! : ) said...

a lot of go green campaigns these days.. lol..

Superman said...

miss the love earth day as sick and stayed home. Thanks for the post.

Eric Wong said...

Love earth day= rubbish talk day as long as they do not clarify what happen to Sibu sky two days before that and the company responsible for the open burning that significantly deteroriate the air quality of Sibu?

jam said...

Look like you were there too early. I dun see too many people in your pictures.

Chloe Tang said...

Erm, how is miniature craft made from recycle materials a brilliant move... What purpose does it serve? duh.

By the way, I found this page by googling "recycle centre sibu". I'd very much appreciate if you let me know their contact numbers so that I can pass it on to people who really are serious about recycling.

Yong said...

hey, can you list down the recycling centres? or kindly email me that picture showing the location of recycling centres in sibu?

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