Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alpen Muesli

Breakfast is always regarded as the most important meal of the day and I tend to agree with it. Muesli is regarded as a healthy diet and I believe it is an ideal food for breakfast.

I used to take muesli for breakfast when I was studying in the England and I was happy to see the same brand which I used to consume back then, Alpen from a local supermarket (Ta Kiong) here for RM22.95

Muesli was developed in around 1900 in Switzerland and Alpen muesli is made from an old Swiss recipe. It contains wholewheat flakes, rolled oats, raisins, roasted sliced hazelnut and almonds

Alpen muesli has a shelf life of 1 year after it had been manufactured

This is the muesli package after the box was opened

Close up photo of how Alpen muesli looks like on a bowl. The detailed ingredients also indicate that sugar, salt, dried skimmed milk, dried milk whey powder and malted barley extract were added to the muesli.

The most basic way to consume muesli is just to add milk to it. It can also be served quickly with fruit juice, yogurt, yogurt drink, coffee and hot chocolate. Some said it can even served with plain water.

Muesli is easy to prepare and served. It is already sweet as sugar was already added during manufacturing. Yogurt drink or hot chocolate might make it even sweeter.

Muesli can also be soaked overnight in milk (refrigerated) and serve the next day with fresh fruits


the spool artist said...

I do love Alpen muesli too! I usually eat it with sliced bananas and cold milk.

Amy Cheah said...

Ooo...I never try this before.

the donG said...

whoa! perfect! perfect breakfast meal.

Kikey Loo said...

RM22.95!! so expensive!!

JL said...

I believe it is healthy but somewhat expensive. The Post cereals eg. Banana Nut Crunch are not so expensive.

foongpc said...

I love Alpen muesli! And I can eat it just like that, without adding milk or anything. Can be filling too because of its high fibre content.

chrisau said...

i used to have muesli for breakfast but stopped and went back to those hawker food like wan tan noodles..haha... It's healthy, anyway.

Benedict said...

I like muesli too for it is high in fibers and good for constipation i think :D

eugene said...

looks like i will do away with my quaker oats, and try muesli.

dropping here bro and wishing you happy labour day tomorrow, bet youare not working tomorrow

Josephine said...

I serve it with honey!

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