Thursday, February 26, 2009

RCL No. 1 Shuttlecock Review

RCL No. 1 is regarded as the premium grade of all the RCL's shuttlecock series. RCL No. 1 cost at RM65 at West Malaysia per tube.

RCL No. 1 sticker at the base of the cock can be easily identified by its light brown and light blue colour. I had high hope on this shuttlecock after the impressive performance of RCL Professional and RCL Titanium.

This is how the shuttlecock turned out to be after the first game (1n a 15 points system). No feather had detached and the original circular shape still remain intact.

I must say, RCL No. 1 had the best flight performance of all the RCL shuttlecocks I tried. Me and my buddies who played with it were very impressed with its flight. I can direct my shots accurately and comfortably.

This is how the shuttlecock looks like after finishing the second game. Pretty "bruised" up I will say. Some feather had detached and it started to lose its original circular shape. Its flight performance also suffer tremendously towards the end of the second game.

I was a bit disappointed with its endurance as I expect it to last more than the second game. So, we tried another shuttlecock and the result matched the first outcome. Hence, I concluded that RCL No. 1 lifespan should be until the second game.

Even though the endurance of RCL No. 1 is not up to my expectation, its flight performance is exceptional. One of the best shuttlecock in term of flight performance I ever played with.


Josephine said...

Shuttlecock review again?
Different brand izzit?

chrisau said...

yup...i tried RCL long long ago before and it's good. Anyway, now using Yonex la..since playing in company's badminton need to pay.Another good one is Victor.
Btw, what racquet r u using? I got my armotec 700 last year and it's good!!

the donG said...

thanks for the review. when i buy one, i actually cant determine whats good and whats not.

PUSANG-gala said...

~I wonder when will be the time when quality shuttlecocks will be made available at a more affordable price~~~~

Anonymous said...

chang yee,i would like to have a badminton game with you.i am issuing you a challenge.when is the time you normally play and location?i will get ready and meet you there.remember this is a challenge...hahahaha

WanWan said...

hmmm.. its remind me of that I long time never exercise.. hahaha

Borneo Falcon said...

I using 2 racquets. RSL Heat 7160 and Carlton Aerogear 800.

If anyone wish to join (or play with me), I played every Saturday, 5-7pm at new (xin) fu yuan church (court 1)

renaye said...

i would love to join u for badminton but i'm in kl!!!

interesting review. i can only use good quality shuttle cocks... i can't tolerate poor quality.

David said...

add my new blog..
thanks, hhas!

Andrew said...

I've always used RSL Tourney shuttles but never actually heard of RCL before...

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