Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You are Tagged!

Tagged by Josephine

1. Have you ever been on TV?
No. But appear in newspaper before

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Yes, indirectly

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Never dye my hair before

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
Yes and many more near misses

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?

I am tagging 7 bloggers Qian, Kikey, Shinyin, Cloudy, Shawnloo, S3cr3T, Xijon89


Xjion89 said...

Thanks for the tag!(^^) I really hv fun doing it!

WanWan said...

wow.. tagging.. really really hmmm... i willl update it soon.. hehehe

JL said...

Got a tag too, maybe posting it tomorrow :D

foongpc said...

Haha! Didn't know I tagged Josephine and she tagged you : )

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