Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort Main Block

The main block of the Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort is pretty much the heart beat of this resort. The reception, restaurant, lounge and function room are located here

Upon arriving at the reception area after the tiring climb up the stairs from the jetty (the Hilton staff will be happy to carry visitors luggage if there is a need to do so), guest will be served with a welcoming drink

The front office is located here and this is where the guest check in and out. No deposit or credit card guarantee are needed. Maybe the island is in an isolated place and there is hardly any way out except the boat for a guest who try to flee the island without paying the bill.

The reception area is tastefully decorated with Iban's handicraft and designs. The reception area is huge and spacious. The area is not air conditioned but it is cool enough due to its surrounding forest.

A Gong at the reception area

Pua Kumpu as decoration at the reception area

Awards won by Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort

This is an overview of the Resort. This will be helpful for the guest to get around this small island resort.

The available activities on the resort is well posted at the reception area. The fees for each activity are also clearly mentioned here.

For more information on these activities, grab this brochure from the reception counter. For those who interested in some of these activities, it is advisable to stay at this resort for 2-3 days as some of the activities kick off at 9am (assuming one will check in at afternoon).

Wong Irup Bar is located just next to the reception area. This bar is ideal for guest to relax and have a drink. Pool table is available here.

Nanga Mepi is the only sole restaurant here at the resort. The restaurant is located next to Wong Irup Bar. This is where guest dine in this resort. Guest will have no other choice to dine unless they bring their own food to this resort. One can opt to dine inside or outside the restaurant.

Just behind the reception area is the swimming pool. The pool area is a nice place to relax and soak into the atmosphere, especially at night where one can listen to the insects (cicada and etc) "singing". It's pretty cold around this area at night.

Nearby the pool is the "Guest Activity" Counter where guest can make the booking for the intended activities available at this resort. Payment for the activities are also made here.

Just in front of the reception area is a wide concourse with a magnificent view of the lake. Wide wooden chairs are available at the concourse for visitor to sit and practically enjoying the view.

This concourse was converted to a dining area during my visit as it was the New Year Eve

The model of Iban's longhouse can be found at this concourse. All the guest rooms at this resort are built based on the longhouse model and concept.


TZ said...

You have reserved the whole resort ... din even see any tourist ??? :p

sabahking said...

i start feel that ur job is photocopy the money izzit? u able go to visit so many places seem u work already !!

Josephine said...

very MALAY style

Borneo Falcon said...

Batang Ai is located at a pretty secluded area. No public transport will reach here. Hence, some difficulties for some independent traveler. The resort don't have much tourist around, probably due to that factor. Most of the tourists who visited the resort are foreigners.

I'm not as rich as one might think. I had to blog to earn some side income. So, hope that clears thing up.

It's not Malay style. Trust me. See my next few posts to get a real picture

Huai Bin said...

It brings back a lot of memories mate...not all good, but some good. Cheers for that! :)

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