Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I Celebrate My Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I would say it is not my favourite day as it had been commercialized and even a simple meal will cost a fortune.

First order of the day was to get an appropriate present. This time around, I plan to get my wife a perfume

This Gucci perfume don't come cheap. I have to say I learn a few things about perfume that day. I never shop for woman's perfume before.

The perfume bottle has a thick and sturdy glass

The purchase of this perfume entitle me for another free gift, which is actually a sample bottle of another perfume from Gucci.

Next was a visit to the florist to get a rose for RM10. Most of the florist jacked up the price of flowers yesterday.

It was dining time at night and my choice this year is the "Tea Room". Since most menu served on this day by the hotels and cafes were off the chart, I decided not to visit those outlets as it was such a rip off (Price should range from RM80+ to RM100++).

The Tea Room has a very unique tables. Stones decoration can be seen underneath the table.

This is a rather unique decoration. Woman's lingerie and dresses can be seen hanging around

Entertainment magazines are widely available here for visitors

The lantern decoration on the ceiling

The beverage counter

There is a special menu and food on each particular day of the week

My wife opt for Apple Juice (RM3). The apple juice was nice

I opt for papaya and carrot juice (RM3.50). This should be my first time to try this combination of juices and it was satisfactory.

I ordered the today's special, the macaroni (RM6.50). It is served with meat, cheese and mayonnaise. It tasted a bit odd in the first place. Maybe I was not used to eat macaroni with such dressing.

The macaroni comes with mushroom soup and garlic bread.

My wife choose Club sandwich (RM7). The fillings consist of pork, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise. It taste quite good. The side dishes were coleslaw (satisfactory) and chips (soggy, not nice).

In a nutshell, Tea Room don't offer much choices of food and drinks but the ambience somehow compensate the shortcomings.

Overall, it was celebrated in a moderate way. There should be no more Valentine's Day for us next year as it falls on the 1st day of Chinese New year in 2010.


Doublebanker said...

Looks like an awesome (and expensive) Valentines days

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

RM10 for a rose, seems to be standard price during V day.

Anonymous said...

wow...the place looks good and special! Guess u have a good time with your wife!

Piggiemily said...

Good effort! Keep it up! Gucci perfume is a good choice.

Anonymous said...


acura said...

Here in KL they jack up the price of 1 rose to RM35. Ouch!

Johnny Ong said...

agree with u that valentine's day has been too commercialised

JL said...

Like Gallivanter, sweet!