Monday, February 9, 2009

Buddy & Chum Souvenir Shop @ Hilton Batang Ai Resort

Buddy & Chum Souvenir shop is the sole souvenir shop at the Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. It is located at the main building, nearby the pool area.

The shop sell some unique souvenirs. Condoms also been sold here for those who forgot to bring one. Some chips and snacks are also available here.

These products are made from Rosary Rose (biji Saga), costing in the region RM30-40 per unit. I have to say most of the item sold here are very pricey but some of these products are not available in any souvenir shops I came across so far in Sarawak.

Nice paintings for sale

Fancy to draw your own Borneo Traditional Batik on a textile?


Anonymous said...

Nice souvenirs and local handicrafts! Anyway, don't like to buy these at the hotel cos it's usually more expensive than the road stalls.

Josephine said...

Lots of handicrafts made from coconut shell!
I agreed with chrisau. The prices are higher in Hotel...