Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hilton Batang Ai Resort Longhouse Style Guest Room

The guest room at Hilton is really one of a kind. The rate is RM 251.85 nett, without breakfast. The guest rooms at this resort is built based on the concept of one of the Sarawak's main ethnic group, the Iban's longhouse

The door can be opened with Vingcard type security card. However, I had some issue with the card and door as sometimes it is hard to pull out the Vingcard from the door

The first impression of the room is nice. Iban's carving is clearly visible throughout the room

The bed is huge and comfortable. Even the pillows are top grade and I sleep well during my stay here.

The room view is nothing to shout about. There are rooms with the lake view but the rate is a bit higher than this room. Opening this view window will automatically shut down the air conditioning unit in the room.

A working desk in the room

An advertisement for a product available at the Resort's souvenir shop

Beneath the working desk's glass is another introduction of the activities available at the resort.

The spa (Borneo Oasis) sounds tempting but the price is a bit steep for my liking

The room is cooled by a split unit air conditioner (which is very cold) and a ceiling fan

TV in the room. Note the air conditioning unit above the TV set. It is well concealed.

Hilton's entertainment magazine is available at each room.

Surprisingly, the toilet, shower room, fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, luggage storage area and wardrobe are separated from the room and can be accessed by this door

This what it looks like on the other side. It is a bit odd in the first place for the coffee and making facilities, fridge, luggage storage area and wardrobe are located at the same compartment with the toilet and shower room

Fire plan is well displayed at the room. This fire plan gives a good overview/layout of the resort.

I heard some ghost stories about this resort before and I believe there are some truth to it as bible was found in one of the drawers. The dam site used to be Iban's settlement before been moved due to the construction of the dam here. I am sure some of the graves were also been removed and this might cause some restless spirits.

Outside the room is the public corridor, known as ruai at the Iban's longhouse. There are ironing boards along this corridor. Some chairs and tables around this area would be a good idea to promote it as a communal area, as with an actual longhouse suppose to be.

The doors in way of the public corridor will lead to a veranda with a scenic view of the lake and surrounding.

A lot of nice photos been hang around the resort and the public corridor, depicting various ethnic groups culture and lifestyle in rural Sarawak.


minicharms said...

Kinda all dull colors though.:( not lively for those youngs i guess

TZ said...

The Hilton @ Batang Ai Resort, the room looks so so only not very impress... Usually hilton has a nice and classy design...

What is the room rate like ??? :p

lifesignx said...

Borneo Falcon, need your guidance on how to get around in Singapore again. Forgot all the knowledge you have bestowed upon me last time.

escape said...

looks a little ancient but very relaxing knowing that you're somewhere far.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Ooo, everything is made out of wood. Oh, the rate is quite high, I have to say.

Sherlockindo said...

Hmm, macam bagus pula resort ini. Nak ke sana tapi tak punya wang :)


TNH said...

the accomodation look good..i always see this resort in the tourist guide book but never been there before..