Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dawn Walk @ Hilton Batang Ai Resort

There is another activity at the resort which the guest could participate, the Dawn Walk. As the name suggest, it is an early morning activity to watch the sun rise at the resort. If one took the guided dawn walk, it will depart from the resort lobby at 6.15am (RM 5 without mineral water and RM 10 with mineral water)

However, it is alright to participate the dawn walk without even a guide if one knows how to get to the spot. Walk to accommodation block 1 (Sebuyau 1, I assume) and walk all the way down from here. One should spot a tennis court en route

In less than 10 minutes walk, one should reach this spot. The obvious landmark is a small wood shelter and a small lump on the ground.

These are the surrounding views. I have no idea which direction the sun rises as I was too tired to wake up to take this walk.

Just further up, there is a small wooden bridge which will lead to BBQ Island. There is nothing much here except dilapidated wooden chairs and tables. This site used to be the place for the guest to party and BBQ.


Anonymous said...

wow.. this sounds interesting, walking early in the morning at a forest-like place.. nice activity.. haven't heard of this one here in our country.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hm. This looks rather similar as here in Sweden actually - and with a gray and cloudy sky :-)

I'm sure that it's very nice to walk there in the morning, if able to get up that early *yawning*

Must be so nice to see the sunrise.

Grace said...

Hi Borneo, i am here again. And as usual, I enjoyed looking at the photos. :)