Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Xango Review

My father in law sell this product, so I guess it is best I wrote something about it as well. Xango as it claimed is made mainly by mangosteen juice. Research had claimed that mangosteen is an antioxidant and anti oxidants are the real keys to the future in treating disease. The rind itself contains xanthones or forms of anti oxidants that have been effective against cultures of breast cancer in laboratory experiments, lung cancer, stomach cancer and one type of leukemia.

Mangosteen is claimed to have the solution for the 44 problems listed above and I am indeed impressed with its claims.

According to the bottle, its ingredients are concentrated fruit juices (mangosteen), puree from the whole fruit, apple juice, pear juice, grape juice, pear puree, blueberry juice, raspberry juice, strawberry juice, cranberry juice, cherry juice, water, citric acid, natural flavour, pectin, xantham gum & sodium benzoate.

It seems it is made up based on a mixture of all kind of fruit juices and not mangosteen alone. It tastes really good. Just like any other fruit juice you buy in the supermarket. So, children should able to drink it without much issue.

Once open, the bottle must be refrigerated. I been advised to consume only 30-90ml per day. Basically, just a small cup will do. As the bottle consist of 750ml, one should able to finish it within a month.

Was it any great? Well, I been consuming it for a month and did not get sick or suffer any illness. My wife usually have a gastric also do not suffer any stomach ache during the period of consumption. I also heard from some people around here who consume it and reported a speedy recovery for their internal injury.

My father in law sell this product via direct sell at RM150 but I been given 2 bottles to try. I believe the price is a bit steep but it is said to be as low as it can get. Anyone interested to give it a try or share their experience?


Gun said...

wow..that's great.

but i've never seen xango before...

This is the first time i saw xango in ur blog


elezend said...

I read a lot of places about Xango but the price is a little bit too much for me

It's 150 for a bottle.. quite expensive

O'Deen said...

I've tried it i think its Ok..thanks 4 ur comment at my blog :)

Johnny Ong said...

bro - this is one product that is reaping many people off. however concentrated is the mangosteen juice in that bottle, it cldn't have cost rm150.

this is one product i will detest