Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MASK: Thunder Hawk

For those born in the late 1970s and 1980s, one should be familiar with the cartoon series M.A.S.K, aired around 1985-1987. M.A.S.K stands for Mobile Armour Strike Kommand with the tagline "Illusion is the ultimate weapon". I wonder if they plan to make a movie out of it but I'm indeed interested if there is enough sponosrs. I can be the director, actor and etc.

I have a large collection of MASK toys. Some I kept it back when I was a kid and some I purchased in e-bay few years ago. One of the most recognised vehicle is Thunder Hawk, the vehicle used by MASK leader, Matt Trakker. This Thunder Hawk box is MISB (Mint in Sealed Box). I got this through e-bay few years back as my collection as I am sure it will fetch higher value in the future. There will be someone out there dying to get a hold of this MISB Thunder Hawk. Back when I was a kid, I purchased a Thunder Hawk for only RM45 from a store at Kuching Plaza.

A round tour at the box where the vehicle weapon specification is well illustrated as well as the mask power.

This is the Thunder Hawk which I purchased when I was a kid. It still been maintained in good conditioned without any missing parts. It consists of the Camaro, 2 stuns bomb, Matt Trakker figure and Spectrum Mask

Thunder Hawk changes from Camaro sport car to fighter jet

and back!

The instruction manual from Kenner

Here is Thunder Hawk in Camaro mode taken at different angles

The Camaro quickly transforms into fighter jet with gull wing doors and infrared wing blaster

Rear stabilizer and dual jet thrusters. MASK insignia can be found here

2 powerful stun bombs under the fuselage. Also found here is the wordings found near the thruster regarding the manufacturer of this toy, which is Kenner in 1985. The toy is made in Hong Kong. This Thunder hawk is now 23 years old.

To release the stun bombs, push one of the dual jet thrusters

Thunder Hawk cocpit area

Matt Trakker, the heroic leader and his mask. The Spectrum mask create high frequency radio intereference. In the cartoon, the Spectrum mask also help Matt to hang glide, seeing through solid object, used as laser and copy wide spectrum of radio frequencies. Definitely a multi purpose mask indeed and I regard Spectrum mask as the most powerful mask in the series.

Matt Trakker in the Thunder Hawk

This is definitely a must have toy for the MASK fan out there. It is good looking and easy to operate. Most importantly, it is the vehicle of the MASK leader, Matt Trakker


Johnny Ong said...

u must be the mask's main distributor hahahaha said...

i tough can transform to be a robot... hehe :P

Simon Seow said...

I had Condor and Wild Cat. RM 45 is quite a lot back in those day. I have to beg my parents only they buy for me. Then I see some of my friend got Goliath, Python, Jack Hammer, Rhino and Switchblade, the most expensive in the MASK range.

Ketam said...

Kuching Plaza you mentioned?
How is it now? It was the most happening plaza in the 80s.

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes. Kuching Plaza is a happening back then. Now, it is pretty much abandoned.

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