Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shop burned down @ Town Square Phase 2

I got a shock when I was on my way to the shipyard yesterday morning. There was something different about the jetty at the town square phase 2 (I mentioned about the jetty in my previous post)

This is how the jetty look like few weeks ago.

And this was how it looks like yesterday morning. Notice anything different? There was a grocery shop next to the shelter that sold sweets, drinks, cigarette and snack. It's all gone now. Set ablaze my some thieves who broke into in on Sunday night to stole something (I'm sure there is no money inside it) and set it ablaze.

The shop is operated by an old lady. I saw her yesterday morning emptied this metal box which contained canned drinks. Due to the heat, I believe the canned drinks were no longer suitable for consumption. She and her son emptied the cans and probably try to salvaged the empty cans for some cash.

There is pretty much nothing left of it. I wonder why the perpetrators set it ablaze. Probably to vent their anger as they could not find any cash in it.

The shelter roof structure looks fragile and could crumble any time. I am a bit worry to walk under it.

Even the seat around the shelter is slightly burned.

I believe the hardship due to rising cost of living could lead to this action. I had predicted the crime rate will increase with the rising fuel price recently. What's next? Let's just wait and see


eunice said...

Oh no, where is this place? Some say "money is the root of all evil", others say "poverty is the root of all evil". Hmmm... Hope the old lady can get over this trauma as soon as possible.


Borneo Falcon said...

Latest update is that the incident was caused by kids or teenagers. They set it ablaze as they can't find any money in it.

eunice said...

OMG! These youngsters are so daring.

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