Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake Garden

About 7km from Sibu town, there is a Lake Garden, also known as Soon Hup Garden. It took me about 40 minutes to cycle there from my home.

From Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, one will see this sign post that will direct you to the Lake Garden. Just go straight and the lake should be on the right hand side after a while.

There are 2 starting points to explore the late. I will the clockwise walking direction

Here are some of view of the path and the lake

Shades are available at a few spots

After a while, one will come to this jungle walk where the floor is made of steel grating

Along the jungle walk one will saw this bended lamp post and dilapidated observation tower.

Along the jungle walk is a toilet. One section is for the man and another section is for the lady. Unfortunately, it was locked

The jungle walk end in what to appear like a small jetty by the lake

Well, that not the end of the line yet, take a left hand turn to continue on this path

and enjoy the lake scenery

Then one will come across this "hill"

Go over the hill and there is this funny looking chair around it

Once over the hill, the stone feature garden should be straight ahead

There is place to take shower near here.

A tour to the stone features. There is water spraying from the nozzles located at the floors but there is no water to be seen when I was there. Maybe there is no visitor around 4pm and the water spray is not activated.

Then there is another short jungle walk back to where it started. This time the jungle walk is of wooden plank.

The one round walk around the garden took me nearly 1 hour, without engaging in any other activities en route. For joggers, it is a good place to run as there will be at least 4 different terrain to run at; tar, wooden plank, steel grating and ground.

It is a nice and beautiful place to hang around but the concerned authority must make effort to maintain it and basic facilities such as the toilet should be accessible to the public.


Qian said...

wah,nice n big lake wor!!

too bad i never been to sibu before...:p

Zooropa said...

There's Lake Garden & Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman (better know as Jln TAR) in KL too. Guess the ppl are getting lazy in thinking names!


Reanaclaire said...

yes, it is a real waste to see it not maintained.. over here, we hv a lake garden in taiping.. also a sore state.. its just too bad...

Johnny Ong said...

locked toilets? logic bcuz they dont want the public to dirty the toilets and more water will be wasted to clean those toilets. and u need to hire cleaners.

locking up is more sensible .... am i right?

Unknown said...

wow very beautiful place! too bad its not maintained.. how i wish people would appreciate and learn to maintain places like this.

Borneo Falcon said...

In a nutshell, we need a civilized people to keep it maintained. If the public is civic minded, I'm sure the properties will not be damaged and the toilet need not to be locked.

ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

I would love to go to the Friendship Garden someday =) Thanks for blogging this.

jhunnelle said...

wow, beautiful place, thank you for visiting my site:)