Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rice Shipment to Sibu

Wonder where Siburian get their rice supply? As the news of shortage of rice is not new in our country, one might wonder where we got our rice from.

From the past few weeks and months I had been noticing some foreign vessels discharging rice to Sibu port. Just recently there were a few Vietnamese ships calling at Sibu port. The cargo were rice.

My guess is that the rice could have been imported from Thailand or Vietnam itself. Strangely enough, there is no Malaysian vessel carrying the rice to our place. Few weeks ago, I noted a North Korean registered vessel unloading the rice here also some time ago. Most of the ships carrying rice will usually at the port around 4-7 days for the discharging process. So, one can imagine the amount of rice these ships carried.

These ships do not have onboard its own cargo gear and hence a shore crane was needed to offload their cargo.

I am no expert in rice but I not sure if this is a quality rice. There had been complaints around here that the rice available in the market here are of poor quality rice.

This is a packet of rice found in our stores here. It kind of confirms my earlier prediction that the rice is from Vietnam


Ketam said...

During my secondary bording school days, the rice was so difficult to eat. rock hard!

brainchild said...

it's not only availability, rice prices are killing us. we probably should seriously start learning to eat pasta.

Borneo Falcon said...

Oh man! where do they got those rock hard rice at your boarding school?

Price of pasta also increased last time I check.

We are pretty much in our darkest hour as far as food is concerned