Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perodua Service: Viva

Last Sunday, I had my car serviced at Perodua Service Centre. This was the 3rd scheduled maintenance for my Perodua Viva since bought it on December last year.

The only authorized service centre here for Perodua here is Ngu Chung Beng & Son Corporation. Their workshop is located at Jalan Bukit Lima. The reception area is manned surprisingly by teenagers. Really wonder they can understand the technical aspect of the vehicles.

I was attended by a teenage girl and she document down the mandatory service for the 3rd planned maintenance service. She also recommended me for some additional accessories (she highly recommend me the acoustic insulator at RM91.30) as shown above but I declined.

There is TV, magazines and newspaper at the waiting area. There is also filtered hot/cold water available. The waiting area is air conditioned, so it is quite comfortable. It will be also be crowded if many people service their vehicle at one time as the waiting area can accommodate roughly 20 persons.

My Perodua Viva been raised for engine oil change as well as renewing the fuel filter with gasket.

Time to pay up. The cashier counter is located adjacent to the waiting area. The service time is 30 minutes and it cost me a total of RM 92. Let analyze the breakdown, Engine oil: RM70.50, Oil Filter: RM14.20, Fuel Filter gasket: RM5.30 & I opt for the optional Windshield shampoo: RM2

I opened up the car bonnet to give it a good inspection. Found the engine cover was dusty. They should have clean it when they service the car as this will affect the air filter element inside it. Other than that, all the components condition were found satisfactory.

This is the engine oil used for my car. It is Perodua premium engine oil. On closer inspection, it is manufactured by Petronas for Perodua.


brainchild said...

that reminds me.... i need to get my car cecked too

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for visiting my blog n_n

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