Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RSL No.1 Tourney Shuttlecocks Review

RSL stands for Reinforced Shuttlecocks Limited. As the name suggest, I reckon the company first involved in manufacture shuttlecock since its inception at 1928. The company is also celebrating its 80th year of excellence this year. They also have the largest feather process plant in the world, located in China.

RSL manufactured a few shuttlecocks model but The No.1 Tourney is their premium product as far as shuttlecock is concerned. There is the brand sticker at behind the shuttlecock base to verify the shuttlecock model. Usually we called it RSL Gold due to its packaging appearance and the sticker colour.

On the outside, it just look like any normal shuttlecock. The feather is strong as it is A grade goose feather. We been using this shuttlecock on many occasion and we were very satisfy with its performance, endurance and accuracy. I will say the best so far I ever play with. It sometimes can last up to 2 matches in our 15 points system. Hence, we do not need to change a fresh shuttlecock at the first match which translate into saving.

Usually the packaging will also have ads for RSL new product. A really good features to keep the buyers updated with the company's new product.

The price of the shuttlecock also increased over the years. I recalled around 3 years ago, this model used to cost RM44, then RM46 and now RM47! I really hope the price will come down soon as it is such a shame that this quality shuttlecock should be made more affordable.

I do thinking about trying another cheaper brand but it might be inferior compare to RSL No.1 Tourney in term of endurance. Well, badminton might be an expensive sport some day. Oh Boy!


shawnn loo said...

RSL is considered the most affordable and nice quality to play for...

I used this brand since long time ago, however the price keep increasing, I hope it will come down 1 day...

Coz I am crazy to play badminton too...:-P

eunice said...

Hehe, at first I thought the 2 packages are batteries.. so u must be a badminton expert!

Borneo Falcon said...

I also trying other shuttlecock model and more reviews will come in my future post

Andrew said...

You can still buy RSL Gold for RM45 in Kota Kinabalu. I bought 5 tubes a couple of months ago when I was there.

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