Monday, July 7, 2008

Friends 1st Year Wedding Annivesary

Today is the 1st year wedding anniversary of my 2 schoolmate friends which I attend last year. Congratulation to both Bryan and Daniel for the your 1st anniversary. Both of them had their wedding on 7th July last year.

Left to right (me, jason, eric)

Left to right (me, jason, colin)

Let's recap on what happen last year. For bryan's wedding, the theme was pink. So we were encourage to wear pink. Trust me, we were not gay!

On the way to pick up the bride at RH Hotel, we coincidentally bump into Daniel and his lovely wife.

We were driver cum Bryan's "Heng Tai" for the day, we were tortured pretty badly by the brides's team. I think the photos tell the story.

After Bryan's church wedding ceremony, we rushed to Daniel's wedding lunch banquet at Blue Spleandour at Wisma Sanayn. Man, how embarrassed we were that time. Everyone were asking, why do you guys look so pink today.

At night, we attend Bryan's wedding dinner banquet at Kingwood Hotel. it was such a happy and memorable day to have both my friends marriedon the same day.


elezend said...

2 friends wedding on the same day o.o What a coincidence!

The Hawaiian outfit is funny, lol

Johnny Ong said...

u call that torture? wait till my girlfriends see it they will laugh it off ...... they are crazy ladies

Andrew said...

what on earth happened to siaw? his face... ballooned...