Friday, August 8, 2008

Mist Garden

In the middle of Sibu Town, somewhere along Jalan Kampung Nyabor and Raminway is a mini garden called the mist garden. As the name suggest, mist is emitted to the garden to cool off the surrounding area.

Round tour of the garden. There are this yellow/purple structure and metal chairs for the public to chill out.

The man made tree trunks are where the mist nozzles are located. The nozzles are located at the top of the trunk. However, I think the nozzles are malfunctioned as I have not seen any mist been emitted for a very long time. I guess the maintainance bill is too high to keep up.

Each trunk is given a name like this one "Kilat" which means thunder

There is a section where the garden is full of grass and trees.

One will notice a round stones arrangement at the garden square. It is suppose to shoot streams of water to add more glitters to the garden. Well, I not sure whether the pump is functional or not as it is not shooting anything when I was there.

The garden also serve another purpose. It make it easier to cross the road (the Kampung Nyabor Road) from another side to another side (Raminway) without needing to negotiate the traffic. Another nice features for the pedestrian.

I think it is a beautiful park if the municipal council take more effort to preserve and maintain the defective parts so the mist garden could once live up to its name.

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